CHARA/MIRC-X 6-telescope interferometer. I developed detector acquisition and instrument control software. Firstlight happened in July 2017.

C-RED One camera of MIRC-X uses an ultra-fast, ultra low read noise SAPHIRA near-infrared detector. It amplifies the signal from incident individual photons by the mean of avalanche gains while keeping the read noise constant.

CHARA/MIRC-X  making fringes. See for more details: N. Anugu et al. 2018.

An improvement of signal-to-noise-ratio of fringes when higher avalanche gain is applied.‚Äč By using this technology, the sensitivity of MIRC-X is improved by more than 2 magnitudes. 


GRAVITY/VLTI 4-telescope interferometer. I worked on a sub-instrument, acquisition camera (optics and software). First light: in 2016.

Working principle ESO/GRAVITY instrument. © GRAVITY collaboration

A star (S2) orbit around the galactic centre black hole. © ESO/M.Kornmesser