Successful working of real-time data acquisition server and GUI for MIRC-X. It was built with Qt5  and C++.  The challenge was the data acquisition needed to be in real-time (3500 frames/sec).

These new integrated GUIs controls the telescope, finder, acquisition, telescope AO, beacon, laboratory AO, tip-tilt and all the real-time displays.  This work filled the gap between the adaptive optics engineers and the telescope operators.

The acquisition and guiding camera  (C and C++) process images and stabilizes telescope beam in field, pupil.  It also measures beam aberrations.  

Display of fringes and waterfall plots of OPD scans for MIRC-X. This server and GUIs software are implemented using C and GTK.

Flux injection into MIRC-X fibers by moving Zabor motors.  This GUI is implemented using GTK.