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  • 2021 Jun 30: Time accepted to image Betelgeuse at HST (PI: Dupree) and CHARA (PI: Anugu)

  • 2021 Jun 16: Betelgeuse Nature paper is accepted led by M Montargès.

  • 2021 Jun 22: Several nights of CHARA 2021B observing time is approved in total as PI and Co-I.

  • 2021 Jun 01: Betelgeuse scope proposal written to NSF-ATI is denied, unfortunately.

  • My recent talks given at SPIE (1-2), CHARA and TIFR.

  • 2020 Dec 15, 7-nights of telescope time accepted at CHARA array as PI for 2021A.

  • 2020 Nov 15, submitted NSF-ATI funding proposal for Betelgeuse project as PI.